Davin Amory


Davin Amory

Davin has spent over 15 years in the financial services and CRE arenas.  Davin began his career working for bulge bracket investment banks Meryl Lynch and UBS in the NYC Metro region.  After obtaining his MBA from University of Hawaii in 2015, Davin transitioned to the CRE industry, taking sequential roles in the CFO offices of two of the largest CRE holding companies in Hawaii, including Alexander & Baldwin, Hawaii’s largest publicly traded REIT, with nearly 4 million square feet of real estate under management.  Davin’s direct experience in managing the financing process within the institutional CFO’s office provides CREED with unique insight into the borrower’s experience.  Further, having managed teams in excess of 20 people in the financial controller function, Davin’s soundness in financial management is invaluable to balancing discipline and financial budgeting within the technology start-up financing environment.

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