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Build to Rent Non-Recourse Construction Loan

An experienced commercial real estate investment firm had purchased a development site in the Austin, TX MSA.

Although approached by many lenders, none were able to provide the ideal structure on par with the project vision.

CREED's digital solution allowed for a national lender search in seconds. Within days, an out-of-state lender was selected who was able to provide a $34,000,000 loan with favorable terms for both horizontal and vertical development.  

The lender closed exactly as promised despite SVB and Signature Bank upheaval.

Built by commercial real estate lending and banking veterans, CREED's mission is to provide liquidity and stability to the commercial real estate industry.

All property types and all geographic markets. All business plans, from development to stabilization. No property or project is too small or too large. The future of CRE capital markets data.

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