Navigating Capital Market Cycles

Every decade brings a new set of opportunities and pitfalls as commercial real estate markets ebb and flow alongside interest rate movement, regulatory policy change, and broad fluctuations in the business landscape.

The run-up to both the S&L crisis of the 1980s and The Great Recession in 2009 ultimately resulted in unique investment opportunities which laid the foundation for some of today’s most prolific commercial real estate investors.  Similarly, there’s no doubt that the previous decade of 0-interest rate policy will present tremendous opportunities for those who are able to navigate the turbulent market conditions currently unfolding.

Let’s focus on what we’re seeing now. 

Commercial real estate capital markets data remains fragmented across the US.  Access to information, resources, and liquidity is essential, but remains elusive.  Industry participants with deep institutional access to data and capital are able to move quickly, protect their existing real estate portfolios in an everchanging environment, and become first movers when investment opportunities reveal themselves.

The vast majority of commercial real estate owners, builders, and investors find themselves behind the information curve unfortunately, obtaining valuable market data only after it has made its way through layers of industry mediums, when it is finally en route to publicly available channels.

At CREED, we believe that transparency and standardization of commercial real estate capital markets creates a safer and more advantageous landscape for all industry participants.  Whether an early-stage multifamily investor caught in a difficult refinance event, a mortgage or property broker looking to help their clients through a turbulent market, or an experienced developer or operator whose primary banking relationships are no longer as active as they had been in the earlier stages of the market cycle.  We believe real-time access to information and capital will be the engine which helps the commercial real estate industry grow to new heights in spite of disruptive economic forces, ultimately benefiting all participants.

We are excited to release the industry’s most robust liquidity search engine for commercial real estate industry professionals looking to access the most actionable data to help survive and thrive in the current environment. 

Our leadership team is composed of longtime practitioners of the commercial real estate investing, lending, and securitization domains.  With over 100 years of industry experience at every stage of the capital pipeline, we are committed to make the most valuable commercial real estate capital markets information and resources available to all industry participants across the United States.

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