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The commercial real estate lending environment has seen unprecedented disruption and evolution over the last 15 years.  The start of this disruption can be traced back to the liquidity crisis of the Great Recession, which resulted in subsequent Dodd-Frank regulatory reform, and was followed by over a decade of never-before-seen zero interest rate environment.  The events of the last 36 months, including Covid’s mini-liquidity crisis, rising interest rates and recessionary fears,  have continued to jar the CRE lending universe, and which have carved further changes into lending landscape.

This landscape continues to evolve, with the most recent shifts coming from bank regulators, who are advising caution from the banking community. Today we are being asked to weigh the impact of this caution against the fact that banks account for 50% of CRE lending.  Traditionally, the market of non-bank lenders is far less transparent than traditional commercial bank lenders, and access to non-bank lenders has proven to be more daunting for CRE Sponsors.  

In response to this multitude of changes, CREED has released the most sophisticated lender search engine to date.  CREED’s search capabilities include access to a national database of lenders (most of which are non-bank lenders), who have been mapped along 100 specific lending criteria.  This means that users seeking capital have access to a targeted group of lenders, specific to their exact needs.  The need for Sponsors to knock on every proverbial lending door, only to find out that most of those lenders don’t suit specific needs is a thing of the past.    

CREED is a technology venture founded and led by experienced practitioners who have built and grown multiple lending businesses across the bank and non-bank CRE lending space.  CREED’s lender database now makes available lender terms and insights for the benefit of all industry participants.

CREED’s mission is to serve all industry participants by making available critical market data and helping to prevent the next liquidity crisis by bringing marketplace lending data, and therefore more efficient access to capital, to all parties.

The CRE industry has been left behind by the wave of modernization and innovation that has touched almost all other areas that make up Financial Services.  Total CRE debt surpassed $5 trillion in 2022; of this, approximately $2.3 trillion (46%) of total existing CRE debt is expected to mature over the next 5 years. It is therefore critical to the health of the overall economy, and against the backdrop of roiling change affecting the current economic landscape, that innovation be brought to the world of CRE lending - innovation that can facilitate access to capital and effectuate shorter and more efficient transaction times, WITHOUT sacrificing credit standards.    

By providing lender data with unprecedented scale and accuracy, we hope to make the CRE lending space more efficient and secure for not only its participants but all stakeholders in the global CRE capital markets community.

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